So, it has been a bit of a struggle keeping to my training regime. It’s cold. Flu season is here. Work is busy. Etc. But, I have managed to continue working out. I find that this is the hardest time of year to stay committed. I have a swim meet in Spring that I am […]

After a rough 2014, I am committed to getting back into the pool again. I am not sure that I will compete but you never know. My plan is to swim 2000-3000 yards, two times a week. I’ll try to lift a couple of times a week, also. One of my biggest discoveries over the […]

OK. So, I took a little time off from swimming and this blog. Part of the reason I took some time off is because of the holidays — I had family visit, which was great. Another reason is I have been sick for a couple of weeks. And yet another reason is that I had […]

It seems that October and November are the most difficult months to continue any training momentum. In addition to the weather changing and the time change — both adding a little dampener to the routine — Thanksgiving holidays and sickness tend to also help derail any momentum. I have managed to swim a couple of […]

My training is going well but I have had to adapt my “new” lifestyle. Fifteen years ago, everything I did revolved around swimming. But now, I have a full time job and a family that take priority for my time. Here are a few things that I am doing to make sure that I stay […]

One of the biggest adjustments I am making with my freestyle is what my coach is calling “swimming downhill.”  Rather than looking straight forward while swimming, I am looking more towards the bottom of the pool. To help with this, I am using a snorkel, so that I can concentrate on holding this position without […]

Earlier this week, I outlined some of the changes I have noticed in the swimming world since I was last here. I need to make a decision on one of these — track start or two-feet start? I have always done the two-foot start. However, at the recent swim meet (my first one in fifteen […]